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Benefit Strategies


At BMG, we understand that your benefits plan is one part of everyday operations. With our consistent commitment to service we give you more room to do what you do best: business as usual. We’re excited by the opportunity to open a dialogue with you and discover how our expertise can benefit you and your company.


  •         Sale/Renewal, Consulting & Plan Design

  •         Experienced Negotiation with All Carriers and Vendors

  •         Ongoing Strategic Plan Management

  •         Measure and Evaluate Initiatives

  •         Plan Efficiencies

  •         Account Installation Implementation

  •         Executive Plan Management Reports

    •         Claims Reviews/Audits

  •         Expertise in Self Funded Management


Health Care Trends:
  •         Enrollment - dependent audit

  •         Tobacco Surcharge

  •         Spousal Surcharge

  •         Understanding dynamics that are having a negative impact on the health of employees

  •         Ongoing Education

    •         Education Modules & Videos


 be an active force for positive change 

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