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BMG uses technology and design to make healthcare simple and intuitive. You can rely on BMG to go above and beyond to ensure your company receives the consultation, programs and services you need to improve employee benefit plans, reduce costs, and streamline administration


  •         Customized Benefits Web Portal

    •         Personalized URL

    •         Employer/Employee Access 24/7  -  Self-Service Module

    •         On-Line Enrollment

  •         Customized Benefit Guides 

  •         Customer Integrated Platform (Self Contained Unit)

  •         Seamless Integration with Payroll for Deduction Management

  •         Cobra Administration

  •         Full Carrier Premium Reconciliation

  •         Carrier Data Feeds and Enrollment Management

  •         Carrier Vendor Integration

  •         Billing Administration & Reconciliation

  •         Eligibility Management & Reconciliation

  •         Consolidated Billing/Invoice

  •         Benefit Videos

  •         Healthcare Reform Compliance Tools and Reporting


 be an active force for positive change 

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